SpotOn & Action!!! – SimpaTec’s new free events series …
08. Mar 2021

SpotOn & Action!!! – SimpaTec’s new free events series …

Are you already aware of SimpaTec’s digital free SpotOn’s? If not, the company, one of the leading engineering and software companies in the holistic development and optimization of processes, components and tools, illuminates the SPOT - onto your topics!!! The intension of the new event series is to combine the aspects of simulation processes, the technology involved and its application. The SpotOn's take place once a month, alternately on Thursdays at 11:00 in German and the following week on Thursdays at 16:00 in English - free of charge. In these events SimpaTec’s webinars, which have been established for years, are expanded with external expert knowledge. Mutually, SimpaTec and professional speakers from renowned companies shed light onto the latest developments, methods, optimization possibilities or technical innovations in the field of injection molding.

Recently launched the series can already be proud of an extremely positive overall response. Accountable for the success are not only the numerous participants but also the professional speakers from well-known companies like Contura MTC GmbH, Volume Graphics GmbH, HeiQ - Heitkamp Kunststofftechnik, Kistler Instrumente GmbH, HotSet GmbH, who presented valuable, in-depth and interesting technical up-to-date information about subjects such as “Conformal Cooling”, “Fibers” and “Foaming”, “Senor Technology for Machine Tools” and “Weld Lines”.

For those curious and interested to find out more about the latest findings, ideas, current expertise and the potential and prospects of future-oriented technologies a peek into one of the upcoming SpotOn’s is definitely worth while! Planned future topics will include, “Water Injection Molding”, “The Influence of Injection Molding Machines, “Optics”, "Hot Runner", etc..

Being one step ahead of time and knowing what is required tomorrow is essential. Expectations of product and process management in the plastics industry are changing rapidly and significantly. It is essential to follow the latest research results, trends and innovations with commitment in order to recognize the latest development trends at an early stage and to incorporate them into the further development of products, processes, software and services.
SimpaTec invites all persons interested in the respective topics of the digital free event series- stay up-to-date and register yourself to one of the SpotOns’s. Break your limits!


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