Cooling system as a combination of geometry and lines
03. Mar 2021

Cooling system as a combination of geometry and lines


In order to obtain optimum heat dissipation within the mold, the cooling system often consists of (straight) holes and/or complex geometries. Local locations where heat accumulates not only extend the cycle time, but also have a significant influence on component distortion. This justifies the need for accurate modeling of the cooling system for precise calculation of the injection molding process and its effects on the part.

Starting with version 2020, Moldex3D allows modeling of the cooling system from a combination of lines and geometries even within a stand-alone cooling circuit. Complex, customized cooling designs can be imported as geometries into Moldex3D, providing the basis for an accurate representation of heat transport within the mold. The geometries flow into the calculation via a BLM mesh. For standardized bores, modeling via lines is recommended to enable hexabased meshing. This modeling option can be used, for example, to import complex circuits as geometry and to extend these cooling circuits by lines to the end of the tool. In the course of meshing, a coherent mesh is automatically generated at transitions between the line-based cooling channels and the geometries. Moldex3D automatically recognizes the affiliation of the cooling components, which leads to a considerable simplification in the modeling of such combinations.

For further details, the SimpaTec team is available with the necessary documentation, training and advice.

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