Blow Molding Simulation

Realistic simulation of blow molding applications

B-SIM is a software package to visualize and simulate blow molding. Manufacturing processes where thermoplastic preforms are stretched or squeezed and inflated into a mold cavity.

One of the most popular methods are stretch blow molding, an injection molded preform is stretched and inflated into the mold cavity and extrusion blow molding, where the extruded parison is squeezed and inflated into the mold cavity.
  • Realistic simulation

    Simulation of blow molding applications

  • Prediction of material properties

    Statements regarding process parameters, material separation, stresses, temperature and wall thickness distribution as well as ventilation options and weight of the article

  • Identification of problem areas

    Detection of problem areas such as material separation and formation of wrinkles

  • Optimization

    Ability to optimize AWT/PWT/SFDR settings for extrusion blow molding

Optimum thickness distribution on the final product

B-SIM predicts the optimum wall thickness or initial temperature distribution of the preform, analyzes the cooling process or indicates possibly part shrinkage areas. B-SIM also can predict the image distortion and pre-distortion for in-mold decoration processes.

Designers are enabled to decide for the optimum manufacturing processes settings. Product design times are reduced, expensive trial-and error procedures are no longer needed to be performed.


B-SIM is a registered trademark of Accuform, Czech Republic.

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