Integrating physical injection molding into the virtual world
10. Mar 2021

Integrating physical injection molding into the virtual world


You would like to - quickly and clearly - get even more detailed insights into the product performance and additionally accelerate the decision-making process? Then you should take a closer look at Moldex3D. Both the growing demand for lightweight components in the automotive and aerospace industries as well as for composite materials are considered with significant improvements to the simulation solutions in the software. The most diverse manufacturing requirements can thus be implemented efficiently and successfully.

The current version Moldex3D R2020 takes another step towards the real manufacturing process. Development efforts have paid off - the simulation software integrates physical injection molding into the virtual world using special methods that optimally capture the most important information from the physical world. For example, it is possible to take into account the dynamic machine response of an injection molding machine. The optimized processing conditions resulting from the analysis can be applied directly in production - closing the gap between simulation and manufacturing. In addition to the machine response and its characteristics, the mapping of barrel compression with Moldex3D, simulating the actual, real compression behavior of melts in the barrel and nozzle, provides a more realistic prediction of material behavior. Engineers can thus consider the effect of material compressibility when injected into the cavity and generating an even more accurate injection pressure prediction.

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