GITA - Moldex3D users attention!
16. Mar 2022

GITA - Moldex3D users attention!

Register now for GITA!!! Deadline extended …
Due to the effects of the corona pandemic, CoreTech System, software developer of Moldex3D, has once again extended the submission deadlines for its Moldex3D Global Innovation Talent Award (GITA) 2021. The Moldex3D Global Innovation Talent Award is a CAE simulation application contest open to worldwide students and enterprises. The purpose of the contest is to showcase and recognize innovative practices using Moldex3D solutions. Participation is definitely worthwhile, with cash prizes of up to USD 15,000 this year.

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The contest has two categories - the Company Category and Student Category. Entrants must be currently enrolled/employed and may participate as individuals or in a team with up to four people.
Each category has its own first prize, second prize, and third prize. The special prizes will be selected from two categories on the basis of scoring results.

The injection molding industry is chasing after “digital twin” applications - the basis to realize smart manufacturing and/or “T0 production”. The organizer calls for cases that suit to the theme, “Realizing My Smart Designs” – in detail how you utilize molding simulations to bring your designs to life!

Ideas to Get Started:
_ Provide comparison between molding simulation and real molding practice.
_ Use simulation to solve complex injection molding problems.
_ Utilize on-site molding conditions to run simulation.
_ The applications of Moldex3D iSLM, machine characterization and material characterization are encouraged.

Key Dates are as follows:
_ May 27, 2022 - Complete Online Registration and Submit Project Descriptions
_ July 15, 2022 - Submit Project Report, Signed Permission Form and Project Presentation Video (Recording Instructions)
_ Mid-October, 2022 - Winners Announced

For registration information and more details, please have a look here.

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