Being well-equipped - means winning half the battle 😊!!
16. Mar 2022

Being well-equipped - means winning half the battle 😊!!

In order to be able to start seamlessly with the upcoming Moldex3D 2022 license it is advisable to check your hardware constellation in advance.

Hardware check:
We recommend AMD EPYC™ Milan 7003 / Milan-X series, 16 GB or more, SSD hard drive, NVIDIA Quadroseries/ AMD Radeon Series graphics card - we are more than happy to give advice about the perfect hardware configuration.

System check:
64bit system already in-house? Moldex3D 2022 is compatible with 64bit systems!

License server check:
Do you have a stand-alone or floating license in use? With a floating license it is necessary to install a license manager for the administration of Moldex3D 2022 licenses on a license server that meets our hardware requirements.

Not sure if you are well prepared on the hardware side? Send us your hardware configuration in advance - we gladly advise you about the perfect solution - contact us at

Look forward to the new Moldex3D 2022  version and benefit from an even better general performance as well as faster calculation times which allow even more precise and effective simulations.

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