The link to 'Smart Manufacturing' - Moldex3D SYNC
16. Mar 2022

The link to 'Smart Manufacturing' - Moldex3D SYNC


Moldex3D SYNC is a user-friendly and multifunctional tool that is fully embedded in the working environment of common CAD systems such as NX, PTC Creo and SOLIDWORKS to enable a seamless workflow from design to simulation of a component. All analysis and calculation functionalities of Moldex3D are available to the user in his familiar working environment. One can create CAD models, define process parameters and check the resulting effects of design modifications through professional analyses of the injection molding process. In addition, potential simulation problems such as short shots, air inclusions, weld lines, warpage, fibers, overmolding, n-K processes and uneven cavity filling are quickly and precisely recorded, highlighted and correction suggestions for troubleshooting are provided in a detailed report.

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