FAKUMA Review - Virtual product development - precise and made-to-measure
09. Nov 2021

FAKUMA Review - Virtual product development - precise and made-to-measure

We looked forward to FAKUMA 2021 with great anticipation, and then it was over so quickly! SimpaTec, being a competent engineering and software partner for the plastics processing industry, once again was present in Friedrichshafen with its own stand (hall A5, booth A5 5003).

The focus of the exhibition was set on new approaches and solutions in terms of sustainability, environmental protection, recycling and circular economy. SimpaTec's contribution to a truly holistic virtual product development and therefore an essential part of the fair's appearance. Visitors informed themselves about the latest technology highlights for the holistic development and optimization of components using state-of-the-art software solutions, like for example Moldex3D 2021, the leading software solution for the design and optimization of the injection molding process, as well as all CAx products of the SimpaTec portfolio - Digimat, T-SIM, B-SIM, 3D_Evolution, 3D_Anylyzer and 4D_Additive. With the right choice and optimal combination of modern, highly effective software technologies, designers and mold makers have tools at their disposal to help them design and produce high-quality products at low cost and with reduced time-to-market.

United with and going back to NATURE!
Reconsider traditional ways of thinking and discover new potentials. Under this motto a sustainable, exciting and groundbreaking joint project, between SimpaTec, Krug Kunststofftechnik and Orga.nico, from the initial idea right up to series production, was brought to life and introduced at the FAKUMA. Adhering to the holistic virtual product development cycle and also protecting nature – the first ‘camping cutlery’ made of bioplastics was produced and is 100% degradable. A one-of-a-kind initial project and thematically not to be overlooked at the exhibition stand. Visitors were able to experience the excellent properties of the bio- cutlery (knife, fork, spoon) - high strength and stability, no breaking, no brittleness, made of 100% bio-based plastic, 100% industrially degradable, disintegrates without residue and dishwasher safe and reusable. This cutlery and other planned utensils will make future camping trips a real - sustainable adventure.

A front-runner in smart manufacturing – Moldex3D 2021
Another focus of the trade fair presentation was on the new release of Moldex3D 2021, the leading software solution for the design and optimization of the injection molding process. The industrial market is always striving for more and more progress. Advanced process simulations must therefore be even more precise. Moldex3D 2021 is a version tailored exactly to these increasing requirements. The continuous claim to constantly improve the software and to implement further future-oriented high-end process prediction capabilities and functionalities was definitely worthwhile. With the new release, users now have access to even more precise simulation results, more detailed insights into the processes, smarter intelligent integration options and faster calculation times - indispensable and groundbreaking further developments all of which will help companies to overcome hurdles, master increasing requirements and thus be more effective in product development and optimization as well as being more competitive.

More accurate and customized simulation reports
The new version of Moldex3D 2021 has undergone sophisticated improvements in terms of accuracy and customization. For common shrinkage and warpage prediction of injection molding the software now combines the material and stress characteristics of plastic phase changes in the packing stage, highly increasing the prediction precision. Furthermore, mechanical property simulation is introduced to optimize the calculation exactness of short fiber materials, enabling users to receive better results for warpage prediction of fiber-filled materials. The curve construction and editing capabilities are also improved to generate higher-quality mesh with greater success rate and efficiency. With the newly added ‘Nozzle Zone Wizard’ as well as the upgraded gate, runner and cooling channels wizards, users are now able to optimize designs with parameters and automatic mesh generation, making design validations easy and precise. Different analysis reports are required based on mold characteristics. Users can use Studio 2021 to customize their report format and choose which items to display.

Precision for state-of-the-art processes and composites
The intensive development efforts that have been placed into new features, functionalities and optimizations regarding the non-matching technology, definitely paid off. For example, this method has now been introduced for multi-layer fiber mat draping designs (DU profile/fabric). This new feature of Moldex3D 2021 significantly shortens the mesh generation time and also highly improves the accuracy of the RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) simulation.
Innovations and further developments can also be reported for foaming: the new physical foaming capabilities now offer an innovative microscopic foaming prediction model that significantly increases the prediction accuracy of the existing modules for various foaming processes.
Besides the above-mentioned breakthroughs, Moldex3D 2021 also supports fiber-mat thermoplastic continuous fiberboard composite simulation. By setting the continuous fiber material property values, users can analyze how fiber orientation impacts product quality and mechanical strength to further optimize their product designs.

Fast, detailed and multifunctional IC packaging process simulation
Due to the trend of intellectualization and electric vehicles, global industries have rising demand regarding reliable IC product performance. So, advanced IC packaging technology plays an increasingly critical role for the manufacturing process. Moldex3D’s new potting simulation capabilities are now available for IC packaging users. The pre-processing wizard can quickly generate a high-quality mesh, which saves model preparation time and helps users validate IC packaging designs, which in turn reduces trial and error costs enormously.

Additional CAD tools and improved solver
In Moldex3D 2021 users can also look forward to numerous other enhancements which will facilitate the daily processes at work tremendously. Highlights include the new functions for generating and modifying CAD data that enable even more efficient and flexible model preparation in Moldex3D Studio without having to use additional CAD software. Therefore, comparison of variants of different component or sprue designs in Moldex3D are prepared in no time at all.
Another interesting optional feature available, is the new calculation method for shrinkage calculation to predict even more realistic results. Furthermore, improvements in add-on modules such as DOE and extrusion are offered in terms of modeling and evaluation to gain additional insights from simulations.

SimpaTec, operating since 2004, offers custom-made innovative methods and solution concepts in the development and optimization of injection molding components in every stage of the process. FAKUMA 2021 offered the ideal opportunity to find everything about the latest developments trends and to convince oneself of how SimpaTec, by means of a combination of modern, highly effective software technologies, individually tailored engineering services, the right material or suitable hardware recommendation or even individually tailored training concepts - can be a competent partner for the plastics processing industry and design the shortest, most efficient and future-oriented path possible for product, mold and process optimization.

SimpaTec would like to thank all visitors and is already looking forward to the next personal encounter.

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