BIMS Seminars in November - face to face in Bamberg
03. Nov 2021

BIMS Seminars in November - face to face in Bamberg

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Engineers, mold manufacturers, injection molders, project managers, material engineers or designers pay attention - now it's that time again - make your choice and say 'YES' to the BIMS seminar that suits you best! Here we go - finally back on track – on November 23 and 24, 2021, BIMS 1 - Understanding the injection molding process of thermoplastics and on November 25 and 26, 2021, BIMS 2 - Understanding the mechanical properties of thermoplastics. The venue for the event is the ‘Residenzschloss Bamberg’. Register immediately and secure your very personal advanced knowledge!!!

Addressed are engineers who design molds, mold manufacturers, injection molders, project managers who are responsible for the development of molds, R/E engineers who are interested in injection molding, technical engineers who are interested in the weaknesses and strengths of the process, material engineers or designers who want to deepen their knowledge about suitable materials ... For all those who have not yet heard of BIMS and are now curious – which you should be 😉!!! - here is some explanatory background information:

The focus of the BIMS 1 seminar is the path to successful, optimal part design, developing a deep understanding of polymer physics processes and the complex interactions of phenomena during injection molding, regardless the scientific background knowledge.

The BIMS 2 seminar focuses on optimal material selection, part design and part performance. Among other things, the stress and strain behavior of polymers, time-temperature effects, effects of crystallinity, notch effects and stress concentrations, micro-cracking of polymers, fatigue and creep behavior of polymers, physical aging of polymers, etc. are explained.

Presenter and creator of the BIMS seminar series is Dr. Vito Leo - and also the recent co-founder of the knowledge platform plasticsYOU. In the plastics environment many know him as a visonary and pioneer with an exceptional ambition to make engineers, designers and plastics experts smart. It is extremely dear to Dr. Vito Leo to share his knowledge, to enlighten and to make the work easier for all those dealing with the topic of plastics on a daily basis. They are not just mere words, Dr. Vito Leo explains correlations and mechanisms of the most complex, physical procedures of thermal processes for everyone understandable by using simple words and a minimum of mathematics. More than 2,100 satisfied and inspired participants of the BIMS seminar series time and again confirm how valuable the aha-impressions and realizations gained are for the occupation and everyday life

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