29 Okt 2020 16:00 - 17:00

Spot On – “Foaming“ - Now it's really getting bubbly -


You are cordially invited to take a look at our new free event series.
We start our series with current updates, developments and optimization possibilities around the topic of foam injection molding.

Many thanks to >>> Harald Heitkamp, HeiQ - Heitkamp Kunststofftechnik, a thermoplastic foam molding expert, for his commitment to organize this "Spot On" together with us. We are really looking forward to his contribution "Thermoplastic foam injection molding - breaking through limits, using potentials".

>>> Fabien Buchy, Managing Director of SimpaTec Sarl France, will provide insights into the simulation technology possibilities with his presentation"From Process to Mechanics - The Development and Optimization of Foam Injection Molding using Simulation Tools".
>>> Cristoph Hinse, Managing Director of SimpaTec, moderates the session and is already eager to see what kind of questions and comments you will place via chat during the Spot On.

Spot on "Foaming":
Although the general connection of foams and plastics is not new and has been practiced for about 70 years the topic is becoming more and more important. What is the reason for this trend? A major driving factor is the endeavour of the automotive industry and the general pressure of the environment to reduce emissions steadily and exponentially. The increasing use of components from the so-called lightweight construction segment promises to provide a quick remedy. These components alone can achieve massive energy saving potential by reducing the weight of the final component. Physical foaming is an important and widespread manufacturing process in the lightweight construction segment. An injection molding process in which a gas is added to the melt of the thermoplastic.

Broaden your horizon and find out all about the latest developments in foam injection molding.

4.00 pm     "Welcome"
                   Cristoph Hinse, SimpaTec
4.05 pm     "Thermoplastic Foam Injection Moulding / Breaking Limits, Using Potentials“
                   Harald Heitkamp, HeiQ - Heitkamp Kunststofftechnik
4.30 pm     „From Process to Mechanics - The Development and Optimization of
                   Foam Injection Molding using Simulation Tools“
                   Fabien Buchy, SimpaTec Sarl
4.50 pm     Discussion of your chat questions

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