Moldex3D iSLM

Smart date nmanagement platform

The next generation of a data management platform for injection molding

iSLM (intelligent Simulation Lifecycle Management) is an intelligent and interactive data management platform designed specifically for plastic engineering companies. It records and visualizes every phase of the mold development data online. With iSLM, workflow information can be shared across departments to reduce communication gap and improve teamwork efficiency.

Key features

_ Centralized data management that makes data acquisition easier than ever
_ Transforming users' experiences into valuable digital assets and increase the core competitiveness of the company
_ Sharing timely information across different team members, including part designers, CAE engineers, mold designers, and on-site process engineers
_ Efficiently monitoring work progress and following up on each task
_ Web-based (private) cloud service that allows quick access anytime, anywhere
_ Flexible and user-friendly interface with customized management systems that meets different company's needs

How can iSLM support you?

Most problems during production of injection molded components arise over the course of the component development. iSLM captures and centralizes all important information at every stage of the development process. The timely and cross-departmental transfer of know-how optimizes communication as well as the workflow and thus enabling a more efficient teamwork.
  • Solution management

    Easy, fast and efficient upload of Moldex3D projects. Complete records of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) requirements and review meeting minutes. Share information with the right people by: assigning different data access levels. Furthermore, the ability to monitor product development results by using Quality-Dash-Board.

  • Knowledge management

    Collect and record various mold designs to carry out 'large data analysis'. Quick access to previous cases for new design ideas. Identify key design and manufacturing factors by comparing similar data.

  • Mold tryout management

    Moldex3D optimized process condition is provided to assist on-site tooling operations. Capture on-site tooling conditions by using camera mode with OCR to automatically identify images and numbers. On-site records can be exported directly using customized reports. Generate reports comparing on-site trial data and CAE simulation results.

  • Task management

    Organizes and records all the tasks in the mold design and development process. Its Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) breaks bigger projects into smaller segments. Its calendar effectively organizes each member and team's work schedule. Visualizes workflow thus making it easier to track each task.

Security management

Moldex3D iSLM is an interactive 'private-cloud-based' data management platform that ensures your data security. Additonally, centralized data storage allows for easier IT management and data backup. Another great feature is that the data access can be defined based on user rights, this goes as far as access rights for customers or supplier user-defined permission assignments for each user account, practically also to be able to administer entire teams.