Verification, comparison and the search for alternative materials – easier than ever!
27. Oct 2021

Verification, comparison and the search for alternative materials – easier than ever!


Since many years all material data from the Moldex3D community (e.g. from manufacturers, customers, test labs, ...) is gathered in the material database, which is then available for administration and storage purposes in 'Studio'. These options and possibilities are now extended by a special platform "Material Hub Cloud" (MHC) and helps to check the material quality as well as to compare and search for alternative materials.

Material Hub Cloud (MHC) is a cloud database powered by Moldex3D Material Measurement Center and suppliers with most up-to-date material information, containing three key features: Material Database Viewer, Material Selection Guidance and Alternative Material.

In the easy-to-use interface, you can quickly sort through over 7,000 materials to find your best option. The Alternative Material search function also helps designers and engineers to find ideal materials quicker, reducing project times and improving communication with customers. MHC runs strict inspections on every characterized material to ensure each has the accurate information, such as individual physical property inspections, multiple physical property cross-checks, criteria definitions, etc. It also allows users to check plastic mechanical properties, processing curves, and process conditions to learn more details.

MHC is a web-based platform. You can access all the data wherever and whenever you need. For product designers, MHC helps evaluate material properties and molding conditions to filter out suitable materials. For Moldex3D users, MHC is an extension of the current simulation material database, providing detailed analysis of each material. A quality index is provided showing the extensiveness of testing performed for each material and suitability for simulation. The MHC data quality is measured by integrating data sources, measurement methods, and data compatibility for six key physical properties. A Quality Index is provided for each material grade allowing users to quickly evaluate materials, saving time on early design decisions while gaining confidence in the simulation accuracy.

Select the right material in the design phase is crucial to reduce the failure rate in production, while finding alternative materials is the key to maintain the mass production speed. To achieve these goals, MHC helps you find a list of alternatives by defining physical properties or processing conditions. You can also determine the best alternative material by running similarity analysis.
MHC enables our customers to make their decisions more efficiently during key phases of product development, adding further value to their products.

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