Keep your perspective! - this is how you do it!
27. Oct 2021

Keep your perspective! - this is how you do it!

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"Plastic optics require a high degree of dimensional accuracy, and production requires maximum precision" - Jonas Gerads from IKV Aachen sums it up. The basis to ensure the high quality requirements for optical components is already set in the design phase. The right decisions must therefore already be made in this phase. What challenges do mechanical manufacturing processes for optical products have to face? Are there alternatives to proven manufacturing processes or materials? How can the use of simulation support this process, optimize it? Register now for our SpotOn "Optik mit Durchblick" - today (Thursday, 28.10.2021), 11.00 a.m.!

Action! Let's go!
We are delighted to have Jonas Gerads, M.Sc., research associate at the "Institut für Kunststoffverarbeitung (IKV) In Industrie und Handwerk an der RWTH Aachen", as a competent guest speaker for our SpotOn "Optik mit Durchblick". In his technical contribution, he digitally conveys the audience about the current research state of the performance of lenses under operating conditions coupled with thermo-optical simulation. Nuno Ribeiro Simões, SimpaTec, uses specific components to illustrate very clearly how cycle times during the manufacturing of thick-walled plastic optics can be significantly reduced by using the multi-layer injection molding process. And also how simulation supports component developers in finding a suitable process window.

Stay up-to-date with us. Get current information of how the challenges posed by the wide range of applications - both for the mechanical manufacturing processes of optical products and for the materials used - can be realized while considering the aspect of cost-effectiveness and meeting the highest quality standards. 

Sign up now spontaneously!!! It starts at 11.00 am. For all those who are already taking part today, we offer you this SpotOn again next week in English - it starts on Thursday, November 04, 2021 at 4.00 pm.

Break your limits. We look forward to you.

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