plasticsYOU – education and education ONLY.
08. Sep 2021

plasticsYOU – education and education ONLY.

New knowledge platform for plastics experts and those who want to become one!!!
For many years, Dr. Vito Leo and Cristoph Hinse have been linked in a close and respectful friendship and have been thinking about how to combine Vito's unrestrained desire for sound, sustainable knowledge transfer with SimpaTec's fundamental wish to convey high-quality content and continuous knowledge transfer. In 2021 the appropriate occasion came along - Cristoph Hinse and Dr. Vito Leo are extremely pleased to now be able to announce the foundation of plasticsYOU. Cristoph Hinse takes on the tasks as managing director, Dr. Vito Leo remains faithful to his cause and will be available as a seminar leader, speaker and also as a consultant to those hungry for knowledge and seeking advice.

Knowledge expansion! Securing advanced knowledge!
The focus of the new company is set on the establishment, expansion and further development of a profound knowledge platform for the plastics sector but above all it is the so-called new “shelter" for the BIMS seminar series, which has already been running extremely successfully for years. In the meantime, more than 2,300 satisfied and enthusiastic participants have attended the BIMS seminar series. For everyone correlations and mechanisms of the most complex, physical procedures of thermal processes are explained understandable by using simple words and a minimum of mathematics. Addressed are all those who want to better understand the injection molding process of thermoplastics, who have to make the right material selection, whose daily work is determined by topics such as component design and component performance. Those who want to refine their expertise, such as engineers designing molds, mold manufacturers, injection molders, project managers who are responsible for the development of molds, R/E engineers interested in injection molding, technical engineers interested in the weaknesses and strengths of the process, materials engineers or designers who want to deepen their knowledge of suitable materials. Besides the existing BIMS 1 (Understanding the injection molding process of thermoplastics) and BIMS 2 (Understanding the mechanical properties of thermoplastics) seminars additional BIMS topics are being prepared and are to be included into the program.

Furthermore, additional course topics are in the making besides the BIMS seminar series, like for example, an introductory seminar to the world of plastics and a seminar focusing on "Thermoplastic Composites" (in close cooperation with Dr. Hans E. Miltner, a management and consulting services company based in Belgium). Renowned experts from the plastics industry are eager to assist and support the events as seminar leaders or speakers - a definite enrichment of the course portfolio and a profound knowledge enhancement. In addition, to the extensive range of courses and seminars, the development of a standardizing certification program is in progress. Certification courses can initially be offered for the following areas: basic and advanced knowledge of Polymers, thermorheology and flow properties of polymers, polymer process technology, mechanical properties of polymers, qualification and skills in CAE – mechanics and qualification and skills in CAE - process simulation.

The focus is set on face-to-face events in Europe, North America and Asia, but all seminars are also available online. The seminar languages will initially be English and French, but other languages such as German, Italian, etc. will also be offered as soon as possible.

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