Now available Moldex3D 2021 R2!
07. Jul 2021

Now available Moldex3D 2021 R2!


Good things come to those who wait! We are extremely pleased to provide you, our customers, the latest version of Moldex3D 2021 R2 including the German language pack ...

In the release Moldex3D 2021 R2 numerous, small but nevertheless essential improvements have been implemented. Additionally, the new features and optimizations of version R1 are, of course, still available to users. Amongst others, these include additional CAD tools that enable even more efficient and flexible model preparation in Moldex3D Studio without the use of additional CAD software. There has also been a significant optimization regarding the solver. Here, the user still has the option of new calculation methods for the shrinkage calculation, which predict even more realistic results. Furthermore, improvements for add-on modules such as DOE and extrusion are still available with regard to modeling and evaluation in order to gain additional insights from simulations. Also, the "viewer file" of the Studio Viewer had a successor to announce, with which simulation results can still be shared with colleagues or customers more quickly and easily.

These and even more refinements allow the user time-saving, smooth and goal-oriented simulations that ensure a cost-conscious product. 

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