Enhanced Accuracy in Advanced Process and Composite Materials
30. Jun 2021

Enhanced Accuracy in Advanced Process and Composite Materials


Nowadays, the industrial market is striving for more progress. Advanced process simulation must therefore be even more precise. Moldex3D continuously persues to develop advanced high-end process prediction capabilities that help companies to be more effective in product development and optimization as well as being more competitive. For example, in the recently released Moldex3D 2021 version, the "non-matching technology" has been introduced for the design of multi-layer fiber mat ddraping design (DU profile/fabric). This new feature of Moldex3D significantly shortens the mesh generation time and also highly improves the accuracy of the RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) simulation.

Innovations and further developments can also be reported for foaming: the new physical foaming capabilities now offer a new microscopic foaming prediction model that significantly increases the prediction accuracy of the existing modules for various foaming processes.

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