NOW available Moldex3D 2020 R3!
15. Oct 2020

NOW available Moldex3D 2020 R3!


Patience pays off! After intensive and careful quality controls, we are extremely pleased to be able to provide our customers with the latest version of Moldex3D 2020 R3 including the German language package ...

The current release contains numerous further developments and improvements with even more efficient workflows as well as modified functionalities and an improved handling, which allows a significant increase in the quality of the component.
Amongst others,one can look forward to more extensive possibilities in terms of material characterization - over 195 thermoplastic materials have been added and thus opening up completely new analysis options. Significant changes and optimizations can also be found for cooling calculations and pack pressure, especially in terms of the hot runner control. These and other refinements allow the user to perform time-saving, smooth and target-oriented simulations that ensure a cost-conscious product. 

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