“Round the clock” availability
14. Oct 2020

“Round the clock” availability

‘No news like good news’ is the saying! - and at present this is even more welcome whilst experiencing these extraordinary times with the COVID-19 situation. Modifications, limitations, constraints, restrictions, etc. are currently taking place on a lot of daily agendas. But luckily not for SimpaTec! Therefore, it is our sincere pleasure to announce that our services remain available to you on a so to speak “round the clock” basis.   

Thanks to modern technology almost every hurdle can be tackled and successfully mastered, therefore our extensive “training and event opportunities” have not only been individually adapted to the respective needs and conditions but are also available as online courses. Valuable knowledge, up-to-date information, technical enhancements, innovative products and their functionalities, user experiences, etc. will all be conveyed digitally in our courses, webinars, workshops, seminars etc.

Truly good reasons to take a closer look at our event section …

We look forward to your individual requests and our employees are happy to assist you in every way possible. Please send us an email at events@simpatec.com or call us personally: 0241 565 276 0.

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