KNOWLEDGE close at hand - get smart in our next SpotOn!! 😀
22. Sep 2022

KNOWLEDGE close at hand - get smart in our next SpotOn!! 😀

SpotOn "Data Management - Not in your head? Consult your database!"
You are cordially invited to take a look at our free event series SpotOn. The focus is set on modern “Data Management and knowledge transfer”.

Do you want to capture the entire development process of a component, including specification, design and simulation right up to the mold tryout, and make this data available to team members at any time and from anywhere? Additionally, accelerate innovations and save administrative costs? Then the iSLM platform is the perfect solution!!!

We would like to use the opportunity to inform you about the most important facts and main points of modern data management in our next SpotOn - "Data Management - Not in your head? Consult your database!" on October 13, 2022.

We are eagrly looking forward to our guest speakers __ Wilfried Huchler, Meusburger GmbH & Co. KG, who will give an exciting insight into how data management can be established in a practical, sustainable and lively way in a company. His presentation is titled "Knowledge management - find not search". __ Christian Schmitt, plus10 GmbH, will vividly report about the importance and possibilities of digital knowledge transfer.  __ Marc Kurz, Managing Director of SimpaTec, will demonstrate the special importance of the topic regarding simulation under the aspect of digitizing of digitalization.

The event will be moderated by __ Florian Aichberger, Sales Engineer, SimpaTec Austria. You are welcome to ask questions in the chat during the whole event. We will be happy to answer the most important chat questions, which are open for discussion at the end of the SpotOn.

Broaden your horizons and find out about current developments regarding modern data management and knowledge transfer. Register now for our – SpotOn!

By the way - also for German-speaking interested people there is the possibility to inform themselves about current opportunities, register now for
__  the free SpotOn “"Wissensmanagement - nicht im Kopf? Schau in die Datenbank" on Thursday, Oktober 06, 2022, 11 a.m. in German!

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