FIRST awardee to receive the 'Moldex3D Master Certificate'
16. Jul 2020

FIRST awardee to receive the 'Moldex3D Master Certificate'

Congratulations to SimpaTec’s Managing Director, Cristoph Hinse, who is the FIRST recipient to receive the 'Moldex3D Master Certificate' awarded by CoreTech System Co., Ltd.. This certificate is a distinct honor reserved for those who have made outstanding contributions in the field of plastics molding simulation applications, plastics engineering and technology, or in the management of similar activities.

Throughout the years since founding SimpaTec in 2004, with the purpose to serve customers with Moldex3D series products, Cristoph has accomplished accountable achievements which led to this prestigious award. To this day, the software has been widely used across a variety of industries by more than 1,000 users to aid the design and manufacture of plastic products. Furthermore, together with his team, he was a true pioneer to help introduce CAE innovations to the polymer industry.

Cristoph’s long-term experience and his thrive to evolve and move forward paves the way to continuously help further develop Moldex3D to become better tool to deal with complex design and manufacturing issues.

Being the leader of MACC certified training center and being part of the Technology Conference Cristoph has become the FIRST awardee of 'Moldex3D Master Certificate'. Cristoph and the entire SimapTec team expresses a heartily THANK-YOU to CoreTech System Co., Ltd and looks forward to a fruitful mutual cooperation within the years to come.

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