Cristoph - the „Moldex3D-MASTER“ …
06. Aug 2020

Cristoph - the „Moldex3D-MASTER“ …

We wouldn't miss this for the world ... after all, it is a special honor and credit that was awarded to our Managing Director, Mr. Cristoph Hinse. Obviously, we are referring to the title "Moldex3D-Master" recently handed over by CoreTech System Co, Ltd.

A special recognition was needed ... something very personal, creative & lasting - something he can have a look at every day, if he wishes to 😉. No sooner said than done - champagne and greetings cards were yesterday - we congratulate him MESHbased, UNIQUE and MULTIcultural ... The result is a collage of handwritten, very personal congratulations with local roots. The gift was handed over during an internal company meeting. The surprise was successful, visibly moved and speechless, he holds our gift in his hands. Once again congratulations Cristoph, also via this way from your SimpaTec team. Have fun deciphering the phrases 😎😊 ... and of course we will ask you what Поздравляeм, Knorke, Käpsele, mes félicitations, Hup! or espetecular pah meu! ... means 😉.

Golden Star of Moldex3D Master Certificate

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