Digimat-MAP 2020 - has extended its range
06. Aug 2020

Digimat-MAP 2020 - has extended its range


The new version Digimat 2020 offers numerous innovations and further developments. The user can especially look forward to an extended range in Digimat-MAP.

The scope of mesh extrusion offers a completely new functionality, which promises a significantly improved handling and an increase in the quality of the component. Thus, extrudable receiver mesh in post mapping is now part of the daily agenda. Furthermore, new possibilities for partial infill mapping is available.

Other release highlights in Digimat-MAP 2020 include
_ New partial infill mapping
     _ For FFF/FDM processes based on tool path
     _ Local infill per element or average
_ Support of continuous fiber reinforced processes
    _ Saving element sets for endless fiber reinforced materials

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