Comprehensive advanced features for RTM and chemical foaming
23. Sep 2020

Comprehensive advanced features for RTM and chemical foaming


Industries are facing more severe challenges due to the rapidly changing market demands and the impact of the current global trade situation. Moldex3D provides comprehensive advanced processes to empower users to be more competitive in product innovation and development. The new release has made great leaps in the enhancement for Resin Transfer Molding options, like for example being able to consider the 2D woven fabric to achieve a prediction that is even closer to the actual warpage of the product. Furthermore, an astonishing breakthrough in terms of chemical foaming can be reported. The intense developments have really been worth while as now the module supports the analysis of dissolution and temperature for the foaming gas, as well as the reaction simulation for thermoset materials. 

In addition to the breakthroughs in the RTM and the foaming module, Moldex3D 2020 also improves its simulation skills of fiber composite materials to realize changes in fiber concentration or length, which allows to capture simulation results of any alterations within the flow behavior. With this adjustment, users will be able to predict the melt flow behavior faster and thus the work efficiency will be greatly enhanced.

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