TuRa now more than ever ... we keep our fingers crossed for you!
23. Sep 2020

TuRa now more than ever ... we keep our fingers crossed for you!

What a pleasant surprise: the season is really going well! Currently being number 3 of the regional relay team the 1st men's team of TuRa Freienohl gives us a lot of pleasure! After a 4-month soccer break due to corona, the ball is now being kicked again on the amateur sports fields in Westphalia. At last again, it's about gathering points, league positioning, goal chances, offside situations or not ... simply about the really important topics in life ...

All going well ... having a dream start at the beginning of the district league TuRa Freienohl superiorly won against TuS Vosswinkel 5:1. The team immediately got into the game well and pushed the hosts into their own half of the field from the first minute on. However, it was difficult to get into the opposing penalty area, so long distance shots finally led to success. In the second half, TuS Vosswinkel initially managed to hold back, but the combination of offensive striker attacks, good crosses and the perfect goalkeeper, Jannik Erlmann, guaranteed a superior victory for the 'Freienohler' in the end.

In the first round of the 'Krombacher Kreispokal Arnsberg' the team played out of town against SV Bachum/Bergheim. After a rather moderate start, Freienohl did not find any means to properly stage their own offensive and often lost the ball already in the build-up game. The hosts convinced with courageous aggressive soccer and quickly led by 1:0. In the second half the Freienohlers played as if the team had been substituted by another one, namely courageous, full of ideas and assertive. The opposing team had nothing more to set againat this tactic, also thanks to Dirk Potofski, who was always on spot and attentative thwarted many good opportunities for SV Bachum. TuRa Freienohl happily won with a 3:1 victory and is now in the round of sixteen.

The first home game, against TuS GW Allagen, also went great. Right fro the start of the game TuRa came well into the play. The opposing team offensively hardly anything to set against them, however they were very strong in the defense. Both teams first tried their luck with long distance shots. The turnaround came with Basti Bergknecht, who was able to take a header in the penalty area and placed the ball in the lower right-hand corner putting the Freinohlers on a leading postion. Steve Banyik's 2:0 volley was a real effective impact shot , after which there was not much to see of the guests. In the end, it was a well-deserved 4:0 success and the second place in the league table was secured.

Unfortunately, the last weekend did not go so well for Freienohler. TuRa Freienohl were defeated by 4:2 by Sportfreunde Birkelbach. But now more then ever! We look ahead! Next Sunday 'our' district league team will receive the equal-point TuS Sundern, so we have to keep our fingers crossed again. Good luck, good luck, good luck!

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