CAx solutions for 3D printing
18. Aug 2022

CAx solutions for 3D printing


Do you want to take your 3D printing to a new level of efficiency and performance? Then it is definitely worthwhile to find out more about the specially designed software solutions 4D_Additive and Digimat AM ...

With 4D_Additive, CAD data of all common 3D formats can be processed for 3D printing even for narrow spacing and with optimal print results.
Digimat AM offers the holistic illustration of additive manufacturing. The combination of material engineering, process simulation and structural calculation enables efficient and powerful printer results and raises 3D printing to a new level of efficiency and performance. Multiscale material modelling and virtual compounding for additive manufacturing with (unfilled and fibre-reinforced) polymers enables the development of new materials and more innovative designs.

With the help of integrative simulation, the behavior and performance of the finished component can be predicted and considered for the manufacturing process.

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