Using API in Moldex3D
01. Sep 2022

Using API in Moldex3D


You want to make simulations even more efficient? Use the API interface in Moldex3D Studio to automate frequently repeated actions in Moldex3D. Simulations will then almost run by themselves …

API’s concept can be compared to the workflow of ordering food in a restaurant. When guests enter the restaurant, they order from the menu; the waiter forwards their requests to the kitchen and finally delivers the food from the kitchen to the guests. The API plays a role similar to that of a waiter in an application - a transmitter of requests and responses and a bridge between applications (guests) and applications (kitchens).
For design comparisons and process optimization, numerous simulation runs need to be created, which subsequently need to be evaluated and further simulations need to be built. If the CAE software supports API, the manual effort can be minimized, for example in the area of pre- and post-processing, by running programs to automate the steps via the API interface. Even if the application requirements are not always the same, the program can always be customized through parameterization.

Additionally, the API interface allows Moldex3D to be integrated with homegrown platforms, so you can perform simulation and interpret results through the simplified, custom interface. This approach can not only help reduce the time required to learn different software, but also define their own simulation workflows that meet the company's product requirements.

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