Automated report generation for your simulations
05. Nov 2020

Automated report generation for your simulations


Reporting is often tedious and involves many routine tasks that can be very time consuming to create and to verify. With Moldex3D you can automate the report generation process to save valuable time to evaluate the data and find solutions.

Reporting is an important step in the simulation process. Often, interim reports have to be created under time pressure in order to present the results at meetings and determine further measures. For a final report, however, detailed documentation must be prepared to ensure knowledge transfer and uphold the standard quality. These different tasks with different requirements require a lot of concentration in repetitive processes. Errors may sneak into the system or important information can get lost. To counteract these routine errors, time is needed for preperation, auditing and adjustments.

Moldex3D supports users with a report wizard that helps to automate the report generation. The function can be started from Moldex3D Studio and quickly create the input for your reports. Right from the start, the user is given the opportunity to use a standard template for a standard analysis. This can be enhanced with additional information and even a user-defined template, if needed. The template can be set up according to the desired requirements, whether it is an interim report or a final report. Users can set up their desired analysis results, process parameters, material properties in the form of pictures, videos, tables in their own Power Point design and add own comments during the analysis.

As usual this template can be found within the installation folder: under "template" you can find a list of all image, video, graphic and value information available for each function and the corresponding tags in the existing "Studio_Report_Tag_LookUp_Table.xlsx" file.

If you are interested in further automating the report generation in order to be able to invest your valuable time into further simulations, you can send us your specific request as usual to

We are happy to support you to create automated and user-defined report templates with Moldex3D.


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