The perfect PERSPECTIVE!
05. Nov 2020

The perfect PERSPECTIVE!

The latest publication shows both the market presence and the importance of the topic of optics in particular the challenges to be mastered in the production of optical lenses. We are extremely pleased that renowned publishers share "this PERSPECTIVE" with us and pay so much attention to the production process ...

Making the production of optical lenses economical while maintaining a certain level of product quality poses a huge challenge. Aside from the need to modify the geometry of the molded part, there is often a debate about the right production strategy. Injection-compression molding may offer an alternative to injection molding in terms of quality, but it is also cost-intensive. This is where simulation can serve as a decision-making aid ...

Are you interested in the complete article? Then just have a look at one of the following links: – Mehr ist weniger – Prozessabwägung zur Herstellung optischer Bauteile – Mehr ist weniger - Prozessabwägung zur Herstellung optischer Bauteile
Trends der Kunststoffbearbeitung - Mehr ist weniger

For those who can't get enough of the subject "Optics" and are eager to go into more detail we recommend attending Cristoph Hinse's presentation "Process simulation of multilayer lenses" at the Digital Aachen Polymer Optics Days on December 1, 2020.

All details about the event and registration can be found here!

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