After 1 & 2 follows 3 - Moldex3D R3 now available!
06. Oct 2021

After 1 & 2 follows 3 - Moldex3D R3 now available!


All good things come in threes! We are extremely pleased to be able to provide you, our customers, with the latest version of Moldex3D 2021 R3 including the German language pack within the next few days ...

In this latest release of Moldex3D numerous small but nevertheless essential improvements have been implemented. These include, amongst others, optimizations in terms of meshing and for the pre & post processor. Furthermore, users can look forward to newly added and updated materials that enable additional analysis. Of course, all the new features and novelties of version R1 are still available. These and even more refinements allow users to perform time-saving, smooth and goal-oriented simulations that ensure a cost-conscious product. 

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