21 Apr 2020 until 24. Apr 2020 12:00 - 17:00
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Moldex3D 'Expert' Certification Course


In difficult times, like we are currently experiencing with the corona virus, it is important to hold together and find solutions mutually. That is why we have decided to offer our Moldex3D 'Expert' Certification Course online for you.

The certicication will not only provide a uniform standard regarding injection simulation knowledge and Moldex3D but also add value to your business and make you more competitive. 

Obtaining a Moldex3D Expert certificate demonstrates you have the knowledge necessary to:
_ Solve the defects due to wrong mold design
_ Revise the design according to simulation results with the optimization of mold and molding parameters

Furthermore you will know about:
_ The Injection molding cycle
_ The effects of molding conditions on molding and product
_ The basics of molding design 

The course itself has 5 chapters plus a final examination.
The examination comprises of a "Subject Test" and a "Skill Test".

Content "Subject Test" (multiple choice; 1 hour):
The test validates an examinee's ability to effectively demonstrate knowledge of plastic injection.

Ÿ_ Injection molding cycle
Ÿ_ The design of runner, gate and cooling channel
_ ŸThe causes and control of warpage
Ÿ_ The concept of temperature control for the hot runner system

Content "Skill Test" (essay questions; 2,5 hrs):
To evaluate the examinee’s ability of operating Moldex3D CAE software, you will be provided a CAD file and have to follow instructions to complete the project and deliver the answer file through the examination portal.

Moldex3D eDesign/Designer BLM simulation and interpretation
Ÿ_ CAD (with cooling channels)
Ÿ_ Interpretation of factors of warpage
Ÿ_ Optimization of molding parameters

*Analyst certificate and the attendance of Moldex3D Certification Courses (MCCs) are prerequisite.

Attendance fee
upon request


  • The participation fee entitles to take part in the individual event and includes the complete presentation material and all food and beverages for the respective period of time for one person. The accounting takes place directly after having registered. Cancellations up to 30 days before the event are free of charge. In case of a cancellation 2 weeks prior to the event we charge 70%; after that 100% of the participation fee.


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