Case study core shifting

Minimized core misalignment in the production of syringe bodies

With the use of Moldex3D, technological issues relating to the development, design and verification of medical devices can be solved easily, quickly and efficiently. In order to guarantee an impeccable quality and functionality of the plastic moldings, verifications can be made already in the early planning phase.

Different injection or production variants can be analyzed and optimized in such a way as to achieve requirements such as, for example, core shifting in the production of syringe bodies. The picture shows the distribution of the melt. This type of connection can generate core shifting, which can be analyzed and quantified with the combination of Moldex3D and a structural simulation.
In addition, resulting stresses in the component or deformations of the insert can be minimized, the thermal starting behavior of a tool can be displayed at any time and problem zones can be identified in advance and their influence can be quantified.