Your introduction to injection molding simulation
08. Apr 2021

Your introduction to injection molding simulation

The topic "injection molding simulation" is of interest to you? But somehow you can't find the right access? No problem - we have developed our "Moldex3D Workshop" especially for you.  Join us on June 16 and 17, 2021, and quickly learn the most important aspects about the subject. Experience how the technical terms filling, fiber orientation, holding pressure, tempering or even shrinkage and warpage become clear and predictable for you.

During the workshop, the most important parameters of a successful injection molding simulation will be presented and clearly explained using real components as examples. With the help of a modern, user-friendly interface and the latest meshing methods of Moldex3D, the user has the component, manifold and temperature control systems available as a real 3D volume mesh within a very short time. Clever wizards support the user, e.g. the first manifold and temperature control systems can be created in a few seconds.

You are interested in the machinery involved? Then Moldex3D gives you access to filling and holding pressure phase profiles of more than 2,500 machines from the 50 most renowned machine manufacturers. Learn how you can optionally enter profiles directly via the panel of the injection molding machine - the perfect support for the implementation of simulation parameters to be realized on the machine, especially also for the simulation of problem cases.

Furthermore, topics such as shrinkage & warpage, the export of simulation results for tooling or fibers for structural analysis are in the focus of the event. The aim of the workshop is to enable the participants to independently create and interpret simulations after having obtained a 4-week Moldex3D full version license.

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The next Moldex3D Workshop will take place online on June 16 and 17, 2021


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