Well on it's way - MiDay 2021  😊
23. Jun 2021

Well on it's way - MiDay 2021 😊

Let's go!!!
The time has finally come - to be able to continue our proven event concept MiDay on September 14, 2021 ... and are extremely pleased to be able to approach it's planning as a face to face event. We cordially invite all those interested in the topic of "Future-oriented injection molding technologies" and are eager to get to the bottom of things and always want to be up-to-date in their field of expertise.
Find out about the the latest international insights, ideas, current expertise and the potential and prospects of future-oriented technologies in mold making from first hand and discuss individual questions regarding the development and optimization of your component and mold with other participants, speakers and exhibitors.

We are getting started!
The MiDay event concept has been running very successfully for several years at various locations in Europe. Satisfied participants assure us: "it's simply the right mix of theory and practice - topic-specific technical contributions, additional information offered in the exhibitor area - and enough space and freedom for direct discussion and clarification of open questions." We are very pleased with this positive response from participants and exhibitors, because we attach particular importance to this - namely a precice and careful selection of topics, the presenting companies and - the appropriate atmosphere. Grab your chance and take part in a straight, open, straight-forward event format characterized by direct communication, blazing technical issues, proximity to customers and the market - all concise in one day. Register directly for the MOLDING Innovation Day (MiDay) by SimpaTec in the Congress Hall in Böblingen on September 14, 2021. The conference language is German.

Or would you like to participate as one of the top exhibitors?
Details about the exhibition and registration can be found here ...

We are at the pulse of time for you. Always.
We look forward to this special encounter with you, totally according to our company motto -
Break your limits. Challenge us.

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