Validation of process simulation in comparison to real components
04. May 2022

Validation of process simulation in comparison to real components


You are wondering if you can compare the simulations performed during the development phase with the first sample moldings to determine the quality of the simulation for future projects? The answer is yes. This is possible with Moldex3D Studio.

The quality requirements for injection molded plastic parts are constantly increasing. One of the most important quality characteristics is dimensional stability. This is predominantly determined by the complex shrinkage behavior of the plastic material during the injection molding process. Moldex3D Studio offers you the possibility to export the shrinkage and warpage related deformation results of the performed process simulation. The deformed geometry can exported as .stl file format (ASCII/Binary), but also as CATIA RSO or NX Global deformation file format. In a further step, the data is read in imported using appropriate inspection tools such as GOM Inspect to perform a target/actual comparison. Of course, this requires an optical scan or the digital acquisition of the real part geometry with the appropriate measurement technology. This method provides a qualitative statement about the prediction of the deformation calculation, whereby measurement deviations and errors in the superimposition of the two geometries must be considered. In case of measurement data of defined molding dimensions determined by the coordinate measurement technique, these can be evaluated directly in Moldex3D Studio. If you need more information about this topic or support for projects do not hesitate! Your project is our project.

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