Up and away to Leoben - Present in Austria 😉!!!
07. Sep 2022

Up and away to Leoben - Present in Austria 😉!!!

Presence is in demand! We will be there!
For many years, the Leoben Plastics Colloquium (LKK) has been a meeting point for graduates, partners and interested groups of the entire plastics community as well as students and pupils.
For the first time SimpaTec will also be present as an exhibitor on September 15 + 16, 2022. Feel free to drop by and we look forward to seeing you ...

The LKK is organized annually jointly by the Department of Polymer Engineering of the University of Leoben and the Polymer Competence Center Leoben. Each year, a different chair of the department is involved in a leading role. Accordingly, the focus also changes annually and covers a special thematic range - from the chemistry of plastics to construction and component design to processing and materials testing. This year, the event will be held as a special Farewell Colloquium for Walter Friesenbichler. The focus will be set on "Additive Manufacturing".

Additive manufacturing is increasingly being used in industrial applications for the production of plastic components. In order to be able to guarantee the high flexibility in design, the fast production as well as a cost reduction with low quantities, for example in the area of printed tool inserts, preceding analyses are required for a safe design.

A holistic view of the manufacturing processes, the physical material behavior and the component performance offers the possibility to define stable, robust processes for manufacturing as well as to show mutual dependencies between process, material and component behavior. SimpaTec offers you customized innovative methods and solution concepts for the development and optimization of injection molding components for every phase of the process.

Find out how SimpaTec, can be your contact and consultant for high-performance simulation software and services can support you - in the holistic view between process simulation, non-linear, multiscale material modeling and structural mechanics FEA. Our Mr. Florian Aichberger, Sales Engineer SimpaTec Austria, will be happy to answer your very individual questions.

It will be informative and enlightening! Stay up-to-date with us! 
Break your limits.

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