Uniform views for screenshots in Moldex3D
14. Jul 2022

Uniform views for screenshots in Moldex3D


You need to create a documentation of simulation results and want to create all screenshots from the same perspective in order to achieve a consistent look? Then Moldex3D Studio has the ideal solution for you …

Documentation of data and results has a high priority nowadays, for example, to inform project partners or customers about the status and progress of projects. Creating evaluations for injection molding simulations is one of the daily tasks of simulation engineers. Uniform representations in documentation are essential for a public perception. Although similar perspectives can be created by rotating the part with the mouse it is difficult to set the exact same perspective as in a previous screenshot.
For this purpose, Moldex3D Studio provides users with two functions that make it easier to create screenshots from the same perspective: firstly, the option of saving the current perspective as a user-defined view; secondly, the option of setting the perspective to the exact angle. The latter is possible by double-clicking on the coordinate system at the bottom of the screen and also allows the same perspective to be set across projects.

Feel free to contact us for more information. Our experts will to provide the most suited solution based on your requirements.

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