The clock is ticking … ensure remarkable savings until September 30th!
22. Sep 2021

The clock is ticking … ensure remarkable savings until September 30th!

The newly founded company – plasticsYOU - by Cristoph Hinse and Dr. Vito Leo, thrives under the motto ‘education and education ONLY!  

Knowledge transfer for the inquisitive ones
The focus is set on the establishment, expansion and further development of a profound knowledge platform for the plastics sector but above all it is the so-called new “shelter" for the BIMS seminar series, which has already been running extremely successfully for years. In the meantime, more than 2,300 satisfied and enthusiastic participants have attended the BIMS seminar series. Furthermore, additional course topics are in the making besides the BIMS seminar series, like for example, an introductory seminar to the world of plastics and a seminar focusing on "Thermoplastic Composites" (in close cooperation with Dr. Hans E. Miltner, a management and consulting services company based in Belgium)! Renowned experts from the plastics industry are eager to assist and support the events as seminar leaders or speakers - a definite enrichment of the course portfolio and a profound knowledge enhancement.

The emphasis lies on face-to-face events in Europe, North America and Asia, but all seminars are also available online. The seminar languages will initially be English and French, but other languages such as German, Italian, etc. will also be offered as soon as possible.

Hungry for knowledge! – then grab the chance to secure yourself remarkable savings! How? Until September 30, 2021 you have the opportunity to register and pay for all offered courses in ‘dollars’ – thus profiting from the exchange-rate-savings!!

Truly a good reason to secure your knowledge benefits now and to take a closer look at

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