TALENT WEEK in Kirchdorf - a great success!
19. Jul 2023

TALENT WEEK in Kirchdorf - a great success!


The ‘Talent Week’ took place in the Technology and Innovation Center Kirchdorf in Schlierbach, Austria from July 12-14, 2023. Together with Greiner and Heimic Solution GmbH the young participants were introduced to the fascinating world of plastics. The mission was to raise awareness of the importance of this versatile material and to awaken the interest of young people in order for them to play an active role in shaping the future. Plastic is an essential material for our future. In areas such as environmental protection and resource conservation, one won’t be able to avoid it.

For SimpaTec, the aim was to use simulation to demonstrate the full potential of this material. Because only if we understand its properties and behavior can we use plastics efficiently and develop innovative solutions. The Talent Week was the opportunity to show the teenagers what possibilities plastics have to offer.

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