SimpaTec receives E.M.E.A. Business Award 2020 for exceptional performances
18. Feb 2021

SimpaTec receives E.M.E.A. Business Award 2020 for exceptional performances

We feel very honored and our gratitude goes to MSC Software for receiving the award "Outstanding Sales Performance" as E.M.E.A Business Partner in 2020. We are extremely pleased that our long-time close cooperation with MSC has developed so successfully. Tthe joint success & market position could be further expanded especially iin the sector design & engineering. Of course, we would also like to thank our customers for the trust they have placed in us and for the pleasant, constructive cooperation over the past year. The award has a very special place in our hearts and - of course - in our glass showcase 😉.

With plesaure we remember the close cooperation with MSC which was brought to life in 2017. True to our company motto "Break your limits" - SimpaTec gladly accepted the challenge to conquer new horizons and to support customers in the field of optimized plastics and composite materials together with MSC. Since structural performance is a very high priority for many plastic part manufacturers, this point was also given special attention in the cooperation. The holistic view of manufacturing processes, physical material behavior and component performance - the coupling of process and structure simulation - has been discussed, optimized and successfully realized in numerous projects. In the first step, the focus is set on the individual results for the manufacturability of a component and then on the overall results for optimized component behavior. By importing important simulation results from Moldex3D, such as fiber orientation or residual stresses, into the structural analysis software, an even more detailed evaluation of structural and impact strength is possible. With the help of numerical calculations, it has been possible to develop stable and robust processes for manufacturing as well as to demonstrate the mutual dependence between process, material behavior and component behavior.

Once again, thank you and we are already eagerly looking forward to new projects and the challenges to be mastered together in 2021.

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