Similar and yet completely different
07. May 2024

Similar and yet completely different

Why It Is a Mistake to See Material Characterization as a Cost Factor

<< Excerpt from the SIMPATEC article in Plastics Insights 04/2024 >>

In process simulations, users too often rely on extrapolated material data, or data for supposedly similar materials. Studies on fiber-reinforced plastics clearly show that such "family values" cannot replace individual measurements on the compounds. A case study from the Moldex3D database.

With the range of processing methods for plastic melts, it is difficult to find general rules for optimum process conditions. To retain proprietary know-how and maintain a competitive edge in the highly competitive market place, companies often rely on special processes, modifications and clever process combinations. Manufacturers of compounds also make use of their specialized knowledge for producing unique high-quality materials or optimizing their price/performance ratio. In digital product development by CAE (computer-aided engineering), the properties of these compounds are a considerable competitive factor. They are therefore determined in the lab and made available in material databases and simulation tools. In the primary shaping process by injection molding, the flow and solidification properties are of particular importance.

You can read the complete article in Plastics Insights 04/2024 edition and is also available as a download option.

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