Recognize progress & act early!!! - with Moldex3D
11. Aug 2021

Recognize progress & act early!!! - with Moldex3D

Be prepared & use resources effectively!
The industrial market is constantly striving for more and more progress. Moldex3D is a 3D CAE software solution for the design and optimization of the injection molding process, which is precisely tailored to the increasing demands of the industrial market and delivers reliable, consistent and accurate results for part, tool and process optimization. Learn how you can   easily, precisely and directly feasible use Moldex3D to detect, analyze and iterate defects early and efficiently, before they have to be corrected costly and time-consuming on the component or mold in our "Moldex3D Workshop" that takes place on September 22 and 23, 2021.

Let's go & ACTION!!
In the everyday professional life of an injection molder, important, effective, future-influencing decisions have to be made very day. In the course of the workshop the most important topics will be discussed clearly and concisely using several real components as well as helpful measures, supporting Moldex3D results available for component, process or mold optimization that are going to be presented and practically evaluated.

Find out how you can alternatively enter the profiles of the filling and packing phase via the panel of the injection molding machine - having access to over 2,500 machines from more than 50 manufacturers, which will perfectly support you in the implementation of the simulation parameters of the machine and especially in problem cases. Additionally, topics regarding warpage and distortion, as well as the export of these results for tool provision and the fibers for structural analysis will be a focus of the workshop.

The Moldex3D workshop enables you to stay up-to-date with the latest the and uses specific examples to show how simulation results, deeper insights into processes, smarter integration features and faster calculation times can help your company to overcome hurdles, master increasing requirements and thus be even more effective in product development and optimization - ultimately being even more competitive.

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