Quickly and efficiently determine the packing time
19. Jul 2023

Quickly and efficiently determine the packing time


Once you have optimized the filling of the component, you then are faced with the challenge to evaluate the packing phase! Use the melt core result to evaluate the potential of the pressure transfer via the so-called plastic core in the component.

During the injection molding process on the real machine the challenge is to find the ideal packing time. The weight of the component is often used for this purpose, as in reality it is not possible to look into the part. Here, one has the chance to take advantage of simulation, which provides additional information about the condition of the plastic in the component during the injection molding cycle. For example, the melt core result can be used to evaluate how long melt-shaped areas are present in the component and how the bonding between the melt core in the component and the gate is maintained. The knowledge gained can be used to support the determination of the effective packing time. Additionally, the melt core result can be useful for detecting potential problem areas in the component that result in an increased risk of warpage due to free shrinkage.


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