'Quick Flow' - simplified filling analysis with Moldex3D
20. Mar 2024

'Quick Flow' - simplified filling analysis with Moldex3D


You need a quick solution to qualitatively assess potential errors in the product design at the development stage! The integrated "Quick Flow" analysis sequence in Moldex3D can help you quickly answer questions regarding the influence of position or number of nozzles and also give you an overview of nozzle control on product quality. This avoids expensive and unnecessary simulations ...

Integrated into Moldex3D Studio is the "Quick Flow" analysis sequence - a simplified analysis of the filling phase of a cavity in the injection molding process. This type of analysis provides solutions for the assessment of molded part defects that can be observed at the end of the filling process. The simplified analysis considerably reduces the time needed to determine the best injection position and significantly speeds up the design phase of the molded parts.
Within short and strictly adhered to project deadlines, this type of analysis makes it possible to simulate a large number of injection concepts in order to quickly decide on the best variant.
The evaluable results of a simplified filling analysis include the position of the weld lines, which can affect the quality of the components. In addition to the position, the weld line angle and the temperature of the melt fronts when they meet can also be displayed. In addition to the position, these parameters have an influence on the mechanical strength of the weld line.
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