Pure knowledge transfer - off to Bamberg!
10. Nov 2021

Pure knowledge transfer - off to Bamberg!

Don't miss your chance!!
Let Dr. Vito Leo, plasticsYOU, make you smart! Benefit from his vast expertise in physics and rheology of thermoplastics, injection molding processes, injection molding simulation as well as the mechanical properties of polymers. Take your chance and register quickly for the seminar BIMS 1 - Understanding the injection molding process of thermoplastics - on November 23 and 24, 2021! The venue will take place in the Residenzschloss Bamberg.
Secure your very personal advanced knowledge!!!

Action! Let's go!
The seminar leader Dr. Vito Leo has dedicated his entire professional career to the plastics industry. Since 1999, it has been extremely dear to him to share his acquired expertise in his BIMS seminars and to clarify scientific backgrounds and theories to make the work easier for all those dealing with the topic of plastics on a daily basis.

The intention of the BIMS 1 seminar session is to help professionals of injection molding, whatever their scientific background, to develop a much deeper understanding of the polymer physics behind the process. The knowledge acquired in the seminar promotes a more in-depth understanding of the injection molding process and enables participants to

_ develop more know-how in component design,
_  perfom a smoother communication between designer, injection molder, toolmaker, ...
_ design more efficient injection molds,
_ optimize the injection molding processes for existing molds,
_ perform successful interpretations of injection molding simulations,
_ select the right materials, and also to
_ perform effective troubleshooting of components or molds.

Among other things, the following seminar contents are presented, explained and discussed in detail - but understandable for everyone and with a minimum of mathematics:
_ The injection molding process
_ Basics of rheology
_ Fillers: Rheological and Mechanical Effects _
_ Fundamentals of plastic flow
_ Thermal heat exchange
_ Plasticization
_ The non-isothermal aspect of injection molding
_ Cosmetic defects on components and unstable flow
_ The holding pressure phase
_ Crystallinity of polymers
_ Residual stresses, warpage, wall thickness shrinkage - evaluation and prevention, etc.

More than 2,500 satisfied and enthusiastic participants confirm how valuable the knowledge gained and the content imparted are for their own everyday professional life. For those who have not yet heard of the BIMS seminars and who have become curious - you should not miss this opportunity 😉!!!


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