Precise and fast IC Packaging process simulation
08. Jun 2022

Precise and fast IC Packaging process simulation


In order to meet the requirements for the use of ever smaller and lighter chips as well as multifunctional chips in modern electronic products, the demands on the encapsulation process are becoming ever greater. The aim is to use as little material as possible and to encapsulate increasingly filigree structures. In order to master the increasingly complex process requirements and to reduce expensive test programs, Moldex3D offers the possibility to simulate different encapsulation processes.

Common defects include incomplete filling, air pockets, voids, shrinkage and warpage, etc. Moldex3D IC packaging simulation helps designers fully analyze the chip overmolding process from filling, curing, cooling to advanced manufacturing requirements such as filler concentration, underfill encapsulation, post-curing, stress distribution and structural evaluation. Significant injection molding problems can thus be predicted and solved in advance, which in turn significantly improves chip quality and efficiently eliminates potential defects.

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