Olaf and the 4th July
06. Jul 2022

Olaf and the 4th July

Olaf on tour again.
It has become rather quiet around Olaf and it has been a while since we heard from our globetrotter. Now there is a new sign of life 😊 and – it is hardly surprising?! - Olaf has set sail again ...

But this time around a little different than expected ... because in the meantime Olaf has dared into a new adventure and pitched his tent in the huge country of unlimited possibilities. Presumably, his menu now consists mainly of hamburgers, hot dogs and donuts - hi, hi - no, actually we don't know what Olaf favorite food is there. But one thing we know for sure his passion for sailing has remained. Fortunately, there are endless opportunities to live out his hobby over there and it's practically right on his doorstep. First successes are emerging - we heard he recently won a sailing regatta 😉. Olaf is eager to use every opportunity to further refine his sailing skills. This of course includes such a special day as the 4th of July being the national holiday of the United States of America. For us a nice opportunity to send him a greeting - Happy belated Independence Day!!!

We would be very happy if you would visit SimpaTec's location in Charlotte, North Carolina, US on one of your next sailing trips. SimpaTec conquers completely new territory there for us as well - what better way to live by one’s own corporate slogan: “Break your limits” thus thinking beyond ones borders and conquering new horizons. So, we are not only geographically even closer to our current and potential customers as well as business partners, but we can also master the different time zones easily. This saves time and guarantees fast and efficient support in the holistic development and optimization of injection molding components, processes and tools. SimpaTec's experts are available "around the clock", so to speak, as contact persons for technical support, services, material inquiries, consultative discussions or even training courses, etc. - whilst adhering to the local languages and mentalities. Additionally, the market-specific requirements can be covered, realized and performed, for both the benefit of the customer and the integration into our range of products and services.

So, dear Olaf, we wish you 'Mast- und Good luck'😉!
Let's conquer new horizons together and experience new adventures in the USA.
Break your limits.

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