Moldex3D DOE (Design of Experiment)
05. Oct 2022

Moldex3D DOE (Design of Experiment)


Injection molding is a very complex procedure that combines part and mold designs, materials, and process conditions. Every change on each foregoing factor has a great impact on the injection molded plastics. Due to the interaction complexity of multiple molding factors, a conventional trial-and-error method has become ineffective and costly to predict and control the procedure. Therefore, Moldex3D DOE has been developed to help evaluate the optimal process conditions and improve the quality using the DOE (Design of Experiment) method.

Moldex3D DOE (Expert), now available in Studio, is a tool that uses statistical experiments for optimization. It is capable to optimize the geometry, inlet positions and process parameters. Performing a kind of virtual mold test to minimize “trial and error” costs.

The module requires a minimum of manual input data. The module automatically creates the iteration steps and an evaluation. At the end of the calculation cycle, an optimized process is proposed.

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