Moldex3D 2022 – Brings your design to life!
21. Jul 2022

Moldex3D 2022 – Brings your design to life!

Success at the touch of a button! In a world of automation and fast-paced requirements, wouldn't it be great if one could just click a button and have the simulation results available quickly and in time? This is no longer wishful thinking. SimpaTec, one of the leading engineering and software companies in the holistic development and optimization of processes, components and tools, is extremely pleased to announce the latest release of Moldex3D 2022, which embodies precisely this. The feature innovations are all customer-driven to help conduct molding analysis in a faster and more convenient manner. Therefore, even more comprehensive, in-depth and detailed simulation options have been developed in the current release. Amongst others, one can look forward to an improved handling, faster calculation times, high-end process prediction capabilities and functionalities, enhanced accuracies, automated simulation workflows, team-compatible data management tools as well as the integration of the digital twin technology. Moldex3D 2022 – being the software solution for the design and optimization of injection molding processes - literally ‘brings your designs to life’.

Easy to use automated processes – Moldex3D Studio API
Industries are facing more severe challenges due to the rapidly changing market demands and the impact of the current global trade situation. Moldex3D provides comprehensive advanced processes to empower users to be more competitive in product innovation and development. The new release has especially made great leaps in terms of automated time-saving processes. For example, Moldex3D Studio API now implements the most trendy and easy-to-use Python language for users to build their own simulation workflow. The idea is – what you click is what you can script. In other words, clicking icons/features in Moldex3D Studio are now the building blocks to build one’s own ‘storyboard’. Moldex3D Studio API is the perfect solution to automate complete Moldex3D simulations, apply different input variables, fetch targeted results, compare simulation results, run optimizations with internal or external solvers and then generate a customized report automatically. All of which saves precious time and allows focusing on more important tasks. Less human effort - more productive outcome.

Results in ‘a blink of an eye’
One of the goals is to keep pushing the boundaries to further develop committed simulation capabilities and to improve and optimize Moldex3D’s solver to reach faster calculation times. This has been achieved by refining the solver architecture of the software, which resulted in an immensely improved computational performance by which users are now able to save an enormous amount of time when conducting analysis procedures – namely more than 25%.
Additionally, the most commonly used runner gates and cooling channel wizards are now provided in more diverse layout forms for different purposes and are optimized in such a way to also speed up the design process.

Additional measurement tools, non-linear solver and plastification
In Moldex3D 2022 users can also look forward to numerous other enhancements which will facilitate the daily processes at work tremendously. Highlights include the implementation of various new advanced measurement tools to acquire timely physical information of points and planes with recently added probe and cross-section measurement tools, which allows to track core problems even when having complex product designs. Another interesting improvement available is the totally new non-linear warpage solver allowing to calculate effects like buckling. Those new results enable the user to analyze the root cause of the local deformation.

Besides the above-mentioned breakthroughs Moldex3D 2022 has another significant highlight in terms of machine response. Users can now take an in-depth look into the barrel. Hence, it is possible to simulate temperature and pressure changes within a new plastification analysis, which considers barrel and screw geometry and their movement to find optimal parameter setting and geometric structure design.

Capturing accurate physical phenomena – MHC
Material property data plays a significant role in obtaining accurate injection molding simulation results. The complete digital twin model with the structural feature of the instrument and the testing process can be used not only to correct and improve the measurement data but also to be a powerful tool for material development and measurement as well as the development of new instruments and equipment.
In Moldex3D 2022, material properties are considered to accurately capture physical phenomena and improve the warpage prediction to make it as close to the experimental value as possible. Therefore, the Material Hub cloud service (MHC) has been brought to life. MHC is a cloud database with the most up-to-date material information. In the easy-to-use interface, you can quickly sort through over 8,000 materials to find your best option. The ‘alternative material’ search function also helps designers and engineers to find ideal materials quicker, reducing project times and facilitates the communication with customers.

Moldex3D 2022 makes it even easier to identify and evaluate potential sources of error in the process, tool or component, and to implement a design that is optimal in terms of cost and quality - intelligent production becomes a reality!

All interested persons are cordially invited to take advantage of the ideal opportunity to catch up on the latest developments at SimpaTec and Moldex3D exhibition booths (Hall 14, 14B12 & Hall 13, 13A94) at this year's K 2022, which will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany, from October 19-26, 2022. SimpaTec’s K team is already looking forward to inform the visitors about the latest version of Moldex3D 2022 as well as present innovative solution aspects for the holistic virtual product development process - whilst focusing on sustainability!

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