License monitoring
20. Jul 2022

License monitoring


You want to have a smooth access to your Moldex3D software as well as detailed information of the respective license, such as modules, expiration date, etc.? Then you should take a close look at the 'Moldex3D License Manager'. It is worthwhile!
Once having installed the Moldex3D license tool one has the possibility to manage the license service its usage via the 'Moldex3D License Manager'. It is also possible to check the server connection with other devices.

The 'Moldex3D License Manager' is basically used to license the Moldex3D software. This is embedded in the delivered software and must be activated with a user-specific license file before Moldex3D can be used.
In some cases, the received license file can be imported for network-independent use during software installation as a so-called "stand-alone license". In other cases, after installation of the license server, the license file can be read in as a so-called "floating license" for use in a network. When the license file is read it must be ensured that the license file matches the server information specified in advance as well as the license server version.

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