Innovative 3D printing software - 4D_Additive
04. Aug 2021

Innovative 3D printing software - 4D_Additive


The innovative 4D_Additive Manufacturing Software Suite sets new standards. 3D models from all common CAD formats can now, for the first time, be read and prepared for additive manufacturing processes directly as an exact, intelligent and light B-Rep geometry.

Analysis functions such as wall thickness and gap dimension checks help to optimize your parts. Additionally, CAD models can still be automatically analyzed with special inspection profiles regarding various 3D printing processes. 

Lattice geometries can also be calculated for lightweight construction and material savings. Especially for metal printing processes, support structures for manufacturing can be generated automatically in 4D_Additive.

In the database, common machine types with the respective build space and technology parameters such as layer thickness, smallest possible detailing like a minimum hole diameter as well as the costs factors are stored. The database can be supplemented with user-defined machines and technology parameters.

Furthermore, intelligent 2D and 3D nesting capabilities with multiprocessor computation ensure fast automatic fill up with optimal build volume utilization for all machine types available in the database, as well as for customized machine types. The extremely fast nesting function of 4D_Additive uses a superfast multiprocessing and provides a maximum of automation.

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